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  • You can cancel or move the assembly free of charge up to 48 hours before the appointment. Afterwards a fee of 38€ excl. VAT will be charged.

  • The day before, you will receive a target hour of your assembly by text message.

  • Provide a parking space of about 8m in front of the building. Any parking costs are at the expense of the client and are never included in our price for a delivery/assembly.

  • Make sure that the goods to be assembled are in the correct space.
    Easy Install can do this for you, after prior agreement and at 38€ the man/h excl. VAT

  • Make sure that there is enough space and light in the room to be able to work without problems.

  • Furniture is assembled according to the manufacturer's instructions.
    Adjustments or additional work required to carry out the installation, not described by the supplier, are additionally charged and are the subject of an additional agreement.

  • In the event of damage to goods (in packaging or at the time of transport by third parties), the customer shall arrange for their replacement or exchange with his supplier.

  • If a 2nd appointment is necessary to complete the assembly, that was not the cause of Easy Install, an additional driving fee will be part of an additional and separate agreement.

  • Bij schade aan goederen (in verpakking of tijdens transport door derden) zorgt de klant voor het vervangen of omruilen ervan bij zijn leverancier.

  • Damage caused by Easy Install bvba or its personnel to goods or housing shall be repaired or compensated by Easy Install within a reasonable period of time. This is subject to the usual findings regarding liability.

  • If on the day of assembly it is decided not to assemble certain goods, the price will remain unchanged, the time foreseen for this has been taken into account in our planning.


by accepting the offer, you also agree to our service conditions.

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